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Watch this new Fallout 4 trailer to see what awaits in the wasteland

The recent live-action trailer for Fallout 4 provided a good sense of how the game would feel, but thanks to the new launch trailer you can now get a better sense of how it'll actually play. The nearly three-minute-long clip outlines some of the main plot points, and also shows off some of the different, varied gameplay elements, from the combat to shelter-building. It also gives a good look at both the male and female protagonists (you have the option to play as either). Of course, Fallout 4 is huge — in previous games it was easy to spend upwards of 100 hours roaming the wasteland — so the trailer only scratches the surface of what you'll be doing in the game. You can find out exactly what it's all about next week when Fallout 4 launches on the 10th — just don't forget to bring your Pip-Boy.

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