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Microsoft delivers next big Windows 10 update to testers

Microsoft delivers next big Windows 10 update to testers

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Microsoft has released a fresh new build of Windows 10 to preview members today. That's a fairly regular occurrence, but today's release is the final version of a big new Windows 10 update that will arrive to everyone next week. The update includes a number of fixes and UI changes that were originally planned for the final version of Windows 10.

One of the noticeable differences is a new colored title bars for desktop apps. All apps now feel a little more similar to the ones designed specifically for Windows 10, and Microsoft has also improved the context menus throughout the OS to make them a little more consistent. Another big change is the introduction of Skype integration with dedicated Messaging and Skype Video apps. They're both available from the Windows Store, and they're designed to offer basic access to messaging, audio, and video calls without having to download the full version of Skype.

Microsoft is expected to deliver this Windows 10 Fall Update next week on November 10th as part of the company's regular Patch Tuesday.

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