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Apple TV apps are becoming much easier to find

Apple TV apps are becoming much easier to find


Top Charts and Categories have been added to the Apple TV App Store

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Nearly a week after it launched the App Store for its new Apple TV, Apple has added Top Charts and Categories sections to help make it easier to find new apps. The new sections appear to be rolling out slowly to Apple TV users, according to 9to5Mac, but should be available soon for everyone.

The Top Charts section mirrors the iOS App Store, featuring the Top Free, Top Paid, and Top Grossing apps in the store. The top apps largely resembles what most expected it to be: a mix of games and TV channel apps, with Rayman Adventures and HBO GO making top 5 appearances on the Top Free chart, and Beat Sports and third-party Plex client Simple X leading on the paid side.

As for the Categories section, only Games and Entertainment are popping up right now, which would make sense given the early stage of the App Store and the likely high percentage of TV and gaming apps filling it up right now. As different types of apps make it into the Apple TV App Store, more categories we're used to seeing in the iOS App Store should begin to show up.