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No one needs a tape gun for making 3D prototypes, but I want this one

Look, interior design is important and takes a lot of thought. That's why a team at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design created what they call the "Protopiper," a handy prototyping device that lets the user turn tubes of tape into sturdy 3D structures. I want one already. But believe me when I say I won't be making couches with it. I want to make castles.

The Protopiper is an awesome tool — like a handheld 3D printer — and it's way cooler if you stop worrying about its practical applications. Sure, you can make a model microwave... or you could make a volleyball net in your apartment! Just imagine spending an afternoon with this thing and a few rolls of tape. Imagine the forts you could build, designed to defend you against extruded tape monsters. The possibilities are endless.