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Teen hackers have broken into law enforcement and employee records

The same group that breached CIA director John Brennan's personal email last month seems to have stayed busy. A new cache of data has been published, first discovered by Motherboard and apparently from the same group of hackers. The data contains the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of more than 2,000 law enforcement officers, military officers, and government employees. It's unclear where the information came from and it's not in itself classified, but it's likely to have come from a compromised government computer of some kind, based on the group's other activities.

The group also appears to have access to a number of classified law enforcement databases, based on screenshots shared with Wired and others. Those databases include the Joint Automated Booking System, which includes arrest records from across the US and could potentially be used to identify police informants. The hackers also breached a number of interagency intelligence sharing programs, including chat apps and secure file-sharing systems. None of the data from those programs has been shared publicly, but it suggests the group may not be done making trouble for government officials.