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Samsung takes free giveaways to the extreme to boost Galaxy sales

Samsung takes free giveaways to the extreme to boost Galaxy sales

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Samsung would very much like you to buy a new Galaxy phone. In fact, it's bribing you with $350 worth of accessories, plus $50 in cash, if you would so kindly buy any one of its four new smartphones in the next 16 days. Are you trading in an iPhone, perhaps? Samsung would like you to know that it's also giving away $100 in Google Play credits to anyone who trades in an Apple device for a new Galaxy. The deal starts today and runs until November 22nd, and it's eligible for customers who buy a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, or Note 5.

You'll be given the option to choose between two $350 gift packages that are strangely being marketed with their own custom names. The Swarovski crystal jewelry gift package™ comes with a Samsung-branded fast charge portable battery park, wireless charging pad, and Swarovski crystal phone cover. The Level On gift package™ comes with the same battery pack and charging pad, but replaces the crystal cover for a pair of Samsung's Level On headphones. To get the $50 cash rebate, you'll have to activate the company's Samsung Pay mobile payments system on the new phone.

Here's some free stuff ... please buy our phones

Sprint also happens to be running a Samsung promotion as well. For buyers of any of those same four flagship devices, Sprint is giving away a year of Amazon Prime, no matter if you buy the phone outright, pay in monthly installments, or sign a traditional two-year contract.

These deals, save Sprint's, run out well before Black Friday. So it's entirely possible Samsung has something even more outlandish (read: desperate) planned for that brandstravaganza.