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    The Verge is four years old

    The Verge is four years old


    Please enjoy this video we made

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    Okay, so technically our birthday was last week, but we figured we should celebrate it somehow, right?

    We launched The Verge on November 1st, 2011. Since that time we've come so far it's almost unbelievable: from a small group of founders to a staff of over 50 people worldwide — a staff that has and has had some of the most talented and amazing voices in journalism creating some of the best work in the game. From a site built primarily for desktop web browsing to a multichannel media property that publishes to a dozen different social networks and platforms every day. From a single borrowed Canon 7D to one of the most formidable video teams in the industry, which is going to get even bigger next year.

    And, most importantly, from a tiny group of fans to a community of more than 32 million readers a month on the site and many millions more for our videos around the internet. The Verge audience is amazing: curious, interested, and dedicated to exploring our weird new world of screens with us every single day, and I wouldn't want to serve anyone else.

    And we're not even five years old yet. Get ready.