The Fringe


Last night, more than ever, proved that SNL isn't relevant anymore.


When I heard that Donald Trump would return to host SNL, I pretty much knew what to expect. The last three years of the show have produced some of the worst television in history, with jokes that someone with a fourth grade education could see coming a mile away. What's highlighted the show's faults the most though are the "SNL Classic" episodes that air before the live broadcast. While these are the cherrypicked best hits, they represent a time when SNL was the beating pulse of American satire and comedy. The Seth Myers era, while not the strongest, had the best political humor in SNL's history, and political guests would come on, knowing that they would be made fun of with almost no holding back from the SNL writers. Last night's show had the most talked about politician in the current presidential race, Donald Trump, but refused to even mock him, instead just barely pointing out his tone-deaf policies towards immigrants seen from Michael Che in the Weekend Update segment of the broadcast.

The pre-taped bits, which are normally the saving grace of SNL, were completely unwatchable, lasting five times longer than their core jokes could carry them. The parody of Hotline Bling might have been the worst one however. SNL used to have insight into cultural parodies that other's didn't have, just look at the Andy Samberg era digital shorts and you'll know what I mean. Their Hotline Bling parody was just hitting on the same comments every other comedian, from Jimmy Fallon to Trevor Noah, had made, Drake looked like an awkward dad when he danced. I find it sad how something so iconic has stooped to such comedic lows and absolute worthlessness. SNL relies on the Sunday Today Show crew to point out "how good they got such and such celebrity" or "how funny so and so was in that crazy cameo" because they know how nobody pays attention.

Donald Trumps episode last night scored some of the biggest ratings the show has seen, but the whole of internet agreed, he wasn't even the best part, Larry David was. Lorne Michael must be praying that Bernie Sanders stays in the race, if not as the Democratic nominee than as Hillary's running mate, because David's Bernie is their best political impression since Tina Fey took on Sarah Palin. SNL will probably make it through the political season, since that is normally when their best skits are made, but after 2016 is over and done, I hope the executives at NBC decide to kill SNL while its best seasons are still in the memory of the public, not distant relics buried under the dogshit being produced today.

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