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Land Rover's Evoque Convertible is the drop-top luxury truck you never asked for

Yes, it is okay to love a convertible SUV

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Land Rover

Today, we were blessed with the official unveiling of Land Rover's Evoque Convertible, an honest-to-God ragtop Sport Utility Vehicle. Like the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet before it, this thing embodies the most unholy of vehicular mashups: one part business, one part unadulterated YOLO. This is a car that refuses to be categorized, and will run over you if you try. It's the kid who says she's going to play video games for a living, but when you tell her that's not a real job, she grows up and actually does play video games for a living while making millions and sending up two middle fingers to her haters. Haters like you.

Don't be the hater. I love cars like this, and you should too. Not because I'd ever buy one (though off-roading in the lap of British luxury with the top down does seem nice), but because it says something about the state of the auto industry: car companies are having fun. They're throwing money at silly projects, just for kicks. And the last thing we need right now is for cars to get boring and lame, particularly as we plunge headfirst into self-driving Ubers. Let Land Rover cut loose just a bit.

I mean, look, this is a very big car, without a roof, casually being driven by a gentleman wearing a button-down through half of a foot (give or take) of freshwater lake. What more do you need to know?

The Evoque Convertible goes on sale next spring.