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Lyft's 'Bieber Mode' will give passengers a discount on Justin Bieber's new album

Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

Justin Bieber's new album Purpose is dropping this Friday, and enterprising fans will have an unusual (but legal) way to download it on the cheap: by taking a Lyft somewhere. On November 13th, Lyft will launch "Bieber Mode" in its app, which will give Lyft riders a substantial discount on the new Bieber album, plus credit towards a future Lyft ride.

Sorry, Uber

Passengers who spend at least $5 on a ride while in Bieber Mode will be able to download Purpose for another $5 in the Lyft app (the album is $12.99 on iTunes). Bieber Mode riders will also receive a $5 credit to their Lyft account for a future, presumably less Bieber-centric ride. The promotion will only last from November 13th to 19th.

Bieber and Lyft shared this promo video today, which features Justin riding around in a Lyft talking about his new album. He says the best song on the LP is "Sorry," that brassy, chant-along single you've probably already heard a few dozen times. But hey, there's a whole album still on the way!

Lyft's new choice of promotional partner may seem like a strange one, but it follows a recent pattern of ride-hailing services moonlighting as music distribution platforms. Earlier this year, Britney Spears premiered her song "Pretty Girls" in Britney-branded Uber SUVs.