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Volkswagen apologizes to 2-liter diesel owners with $500 prepaid cards

Volkswagen of America is assembling what it calls a "goodwill package" for owners of 2-liter diesel vehicles affected by the company's massive emissions scandal, consisting of a $500 prepaid Visa card and another $500 good at Volkswagen dealerships. Cars from model years 2009 to 2015 are eligible; Audi, which has also offered the affected engine, will launch a similar program later this week, Automotive News reports. Three years of roadside assistance will also be handed out. To apply, owners must visit a special website that Volkswagen has set up, fill out the required information, then wait four weeks.

While most owners probably won't say no to the offer, the scandal is far from over: lawsuits are pending, regulatory action is coming, and Volkswagen hasn't yet offered fixes for affected vehicles that would actually correct their emissions failures. Furthermore, the $500 credit good at Volkswagen dealerships is a bit of a misdirection — presumably, many owners won't be interested in buying another vehicle from the company any time soon, which makes it a far less valuable component of the offer. Michael Horn, VW of America's CEO, calls the package "a first step toward regaining our customers' trust."