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Live-action Star Wars Battlefront trailer teleports Anna Kendrick to the front lines

The newest live-action trailer for Electronic Arts' Star Wars Battlefront continues the trend of channeling fan nostalgia to comment on the transformative power of games. Unlike the now-famous Call of Duty live-action trailers, which place everyday people amid the chaos and glory of militaristic video game violence, this Battlefront trailer is trying to capture the magic of being teleported to a different world.

The first half of the video features different people from all around the globe disappearing, The Leftovers-style, into thin air, with their clothes left behind after a nod or affirming facial expression. And then there's actress Anna Kendrick, who wields her kitchen spoon like a lightsaber before jumping to the front lines as a rebel soldier. (Presumably, Kendrick needs to play for five to 10 minutes and stumble upon the "Become a Hero" battle coin pick-up before she gets her lightsaber.)

The trailer is a neat comment on the Star Wars universe, a fictional place many real people have felt teleported to through films, movies, and toys for decades. But it doubles as a symbol — in a more nuanced style than Call of Duty — for the gaming medium, which brings players closer to fiction through interactivity like no other Star Wars story can achieve.

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