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Better Call Saul season two trailer shows Jimmy McGill ready to break bad

The first trailer for season two of Vince Gilligan's excellent Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul, landed last week, though only in the form of a brief snippets of past dialogue and a dramatic shot of star Bob Odenkirk. Lawyer Jimmy McGill, aka "Saul Goodman" of Breaking Bad fame, left us last season walking a moral tightrope, caught between his endearing good conscience and the obvious benefits of ignoring it. Now, having been betrayed or put down by even his closest friends and family members, McGill is ready to explore the darker side of the law. Doing the right thing is "never stopping me again," he states in the trailer, echoing his sentiment from the season one finale back in April.

Part of what makes Better Call Saul such a remarkable spinoff is how starkly it departs from the drug crime drama it grew out of. Odenkirk is essentially playing an alternative version of Breaking Bad's Walter White, a character who found himself near the bottom of life's ladder despite his penchant for doing the right thing and walking a steady moral line. This time, however, Gilligan and Odenkirk are presenting a character who tried to change, and instead is only rewarded once he begins tapping into the morally bankrupt young conman he used to be. The transformation of McGill into the comically corrupt Saul Goodman — who's as close to a Grand Theft Auto character as I've ever seen on television — is now underway. The show is set to return in early 2016, but it doesn't yet have premiere date.