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Apple explores the Universe in its first iPad Pro commercial

Apple explores the Universe in its first iPad Pro commercial

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Apple just released the first commercial for its iPad Pro, and if you love epic visualizations of galaxies and planets, then this is for you. The ad shows masterfully detailed recreations of Jupiter's big red spot and the various particles that comprise Saturn's rings. Glittering nebulae and what looks like the event horizon of a black hole also make an appearance.

See the planets in even more detail

These visualizations are an exaggeration of what astronomy apps like Sky Guide do, but Apple’s trying to get at the fact that the iPad Pro’s larger screen can help to make space science even more visual. Instead of Jupiter's atmosphere being limited to a 9.7-inch display, you can now see the giant planet in greater detail with a 12.9-inch screen. Space science could become much more interactive on a tablet that's closer in size and ability to a laptop.

The spacey iPad Pro ad was uploaded to YouTube this afternoon and will premiere on TV later tonight during Monday Night Football. Apple announced this morning that preorders for the iPad Pro start Wednesday, with products shipping later this week.