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Listen to Beyoncé's collaboration with Coldplay

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

For Coldplay's upcoming album — out this Friday — one of the world's biggest bands asked one of the world's biggest artists to join forces. Beyoncé has collaborated with the band on new track "Hymn for the Weekend," which you can listen to below, after the song got its first play on BBC Radio yesterday.

Guy Berryman, Coldplay's bassist, said that Beyoncé was ultra professional when it came to recording her parts for the song, telling BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac that the singer was "in and out in five minutes." Sadly, it shows. Even blessed with the soaring voice of Queen Bey, Chris Martin's trademark bleats still dominate the mix, the Coldplay vocalist relegating his guest star to back-up duties. Beyoncé's main contribution comes in the song's outro, in which she threatens to "shoot across the sky," after spending the rest of the song quietly adding ethereal texture to Martin's main vocal lines.

Martin, meanwhile, falls back on well-worn club metaphors. "Life's a drink, and love's a drug," he sings, to a floaty piano line and drum fills that sound like clinking glasses. Berryman said the song started off as something of a party anthem, with Martin wanting to sing "drinks on me." But for some reason, the Coldplay bassist said "you can't get away with that," and the chorus was changed to the honestly more suggestive "drink from me." While Beyoncé was asked to contribute her lines to the song, Berryman said it was "never supposed to be a duet." Perhaps the result would've been more memorable if Martin had stepped away from the microphone and let her take over.