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Have you Apple Core guys heard about the Apple Watch burns?

Danish Newspaper


  1. Elderly Danish pensioner buys Apple Watch with metal strap

  2. Receives burns from wearing device in open air (while visiting a flying club he is member of)

  3. Tries Apple service for a replacement watch (since his Watch is destroyed)

  4. Apple does not respond (Hmm, typical Apple response it seems. Strategy -> Hush issues to death - has been norm since Jobs days)

  5. Owner turns to Danish newspaper with story (still saying he only want to get a replacement watch and that he is very fond of the other Apple devices)

  6. Finally Apple responds (now European HQ in Ireland)
    They say it has to been external effects causing the burns and takes no responsibility.

  7. The elderly Danish man wants response in plain Danish... he want to know if they basically are calling him a liar?!

Is this Apple´s famous/infamous customer service in effect?

Can Apple really keep people in the Reality Distortion Field?

Are you OK with this example of customer service?