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The Amazon Echo was the best-selling $100+ item on during Black Friday

The Amazon Echo was the best-selling $100+ item on during Black Friday

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Amazon's Black Friday sales have a not-so-surprising winner: Amazon. Of course, a retailer is always going to benefit from a holiday devoted to shopping, but in this case, the tech giant is also celebrating the success of its own products. The company says that the top-selling device on Black Friday across the whole site was the 7-inch Fire tablet, followed in second place by the Fire TV streaming stick. Surprisingly, though, Amazon's Echo smart speaker was also a hit, becoming the best-selling product over $100 on the whole site on Black Friday. That's remarkable considering what a wide range of deals were available and the novelty of the Echo.

Amazon's 7-inch Fire Tablet was selling for $35 on Black Friday

Amazon isn't breaking out any specific sales numbers for these devices, which makes it difficult to verify their claimed successes. However, the company says that "hundreds of thousands" of Kindle e-readers were bought over the weekend and that "millions" of 7-inch Fire tablets have been sold since launch. Again, this is imprecise, but it does seem that the super-cheap Fire was a success. InfoScout, a company that produces apps for managing receipts, also pegged the 7-inch Fire as a best-seller — not only on Amazon but also Best Buy. (The company's estimates come from analyzing some 151,337 receipts from Thanksgiving and Black Friday.) No doubt this is due, in part, to Amazon dropping the Fire's price from $50 to $35 for Black Friday. At that price, it's easily an impulse buy.

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