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Microsoft and Apple hug it out for the holidays

Microsoft and Apple hug it out for the holidays

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Microsoft has been spreading the spirit of the season in New York City this week. As part of Microsoft's holiday TV commercial, the software maker decided to "deliver a special message to some old friends." New York City children's youth choir and a bunch of Microsoft Store employees marched up Fifth Avenue, the home of Microsoft's new retail store, singing "Let There be Peace on Earth." That's not unusual for this time of year, but the merry bunch were actually marching towards Microsoft's close neighbors: Apple.

In a festive declaration of peace, Microsoft and Apple employees embraced to cheers and enthusiasm from onlookers. We're not sure what this all means, but it could mean the whole Mac vs. PC war is truly over. Or perhaps Microsoft is just trying to keep its friends close, and its enemies even closer for the holidays.

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