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Adele admits streaming is 'probably the future,' still doesn't care

And she wants CDs to make a comeback

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Adele, like fellow Spotify deserter Thom Yorke, is not a fan of streaming services. This, we know. She's keeping her massively popular new album 25 off all streaming services (except Pandora), and she's tried to avoid these services in the past as well. Now, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Adele doubles (or triples?) down on her thoughts:

But, eh

"[Streaming] probably is the future, but, eh," she said. "There are kids I know who are, like, nine who don't even know what a fucking CD is! I've got my CDs out on display in my house just to prove a point. Maybe CDs will have a massive comeback like vinyl did."

So... the truth comes out. Adele is avoiding streaming services in order to kickstart a massive cultural resurrection of the CD! She's basically a CD lobbyist!! A wildly successful, wildly rich CD lobbyist who lines the walls of her home with CDs, preening them like symbolic little carcasses of the music industry's glory days. Maybe CDs will have a massive comeback? Maybe Adele will stop at nothing until they do.*

*Probably not though.