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You can now use Kinect to log into Windows 10 with your face

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Kinect for Windows has enabled a lot of hacks and apps in recent years, but everyone has really been waiting for Microsoft to make use of the accessory on the desktop. With Windows 10, Microsoft is finally making Kinect useful for Windows without the need for third-party apps. A new Kinect developer preview enables Windows Hello for the sensor when it's used with Windows 10.

Windows Hello is one of the latest features of Windows 10, and it allows you to simply log into a machine with your face. It's quick and easy, but not many PCs ship with cameras that support Hello just yet. Microsoft's latest Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are the standout exceptions, but if you want Windows Hello and already own Kinect then this new support might be a viable option. Unfortunately, if it's an Xbox One Kinect you own then you'll need to purchase a $50 adapter to make it work with a Windows 10 PC. You'll also need to edit some registry keys to get Kinect to support Windows Hello, but Microsoft has a full tutorial available here.