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This is a Lego McDonald's Chicken McNugget dispenser — and it is amazing

This is a Lego McDonald's Chicken McNugget dispenser — and it is amazing


Mechanical engineering meets fast food

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Putting aside whatever feelings you may have for McDonald's poultry sourcing decisions and nutritional benefits, it's hard not to be impressed by this Lego McNugget dispenser that can provide an order of chicken bites and dipping sauce in exchange for a €2 coin. The Lego builders over at YouTube channel Astonishing Studios put the contraption together using a Lego Mindstorms set — a custom software and hardware kit for creating toy brick robotics that no one presumably thought would be used to exploit humanity's shameful indulgences.

The machine will even reject coins not of the necessary size to fit alongside the internal rail system, where a correctly sized coin triggers a light sensor that sets off a motor for dropping the McDonald's meal into place. It doesn't appear to hold more than two boxes of McNuggets at a time, which severely limits its ability to destroy your life. It's also lacking an internal heating system, which may be outside the capacities of a Mindstorms kit. But if a Lego artist can create a kinetic sculpture of Greek mythological figure Sisyphus forever pushing a boulder, there may be hope just yet for a heat lamp-equipped McNugget dispenser down the line. One can dream.