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Microsoft wants you to help pick its next casual Windows game

Vote for chess

Microsoft's Casual Games team, known best for Solitaire Collection and Minesweeper, is trying to decide what title to make next, and it's created a list of five classic game ideas to pursue. The company wants the public to vote on which one it will put resources toward creating, with voting ending December 17th.

Three of the options — a casino collection, a chess simulator, and a virtual version of the card game Hearts — are obvious choices. (If you're not voting for Microsoft Chess, we are disappointed in you.) The remaining two, a Bejeweled-style puzzle game called Microsoft Bubbles and a collection of wordplay games, are also among the most popular suggestions the team has received over the years. Microsoft also wants Windows game players to join its Inner Circle program, which grants early access to in-progress titles and lets users get involved in the feedback and development process.