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Opinion - Most Underrated Albums


What do you feel as your most underrated music album in your collection? I have a bit of everything so I had to think about this.

Hopesfall - Magnetic North

Incredible guitar work, surreal mood, spacey sound production, and overall raw musicianship. I like this rather unpopular album much more than their better-received "The Satellite Years." This album has lots of feels.


Rush - Hold Your Fire

Well not as well produced as other fan favorites, there is pure gold on this album that reeks of Rush genius and talent: Hold your Fire, The Mission, Lock and Key, Time Stand Still, Turn the Page


Maynard Ferguson - Live at San Francisco

The jazz fusion legend rocks a venue with his signature sound and band which play tight as hell. The band plays some incredible pieces and the album production is well-balanced. I don't understand why other jazz aficionados get turned away from this album.


DJ Micro - Tech Mix Live at Avaland, Boston

A must-have for every techno fan, imo. Sadly, when I mention this album to other techno/electronica/trance fans they have never heard of it. The albums pumps from beginning to end, making you wish you were at that very show.


Deftones - White Pony

What?? This is undoubtedly their best album (Diamond Eyes is a very close second, imo) which says a lot considering Deftones doesn't know how to make shitty music. Yet, many critics didn't like the album and still only has a 70 or so Metacritic. The album is incredible.