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Tesla is selling iPhone cases made from leftover seat leather

Tesla is selling iPhone cases made from leftover seat leather


The company's strange line of accessories grows bigger

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Tesla's Model S has become one of the most desirable cars in the country, so Elon Musk's company ramped up production to the tune of 50,000 cars a year. That means more materials and, inevitably, more waste. With that waste comes opportunity, which is why Tesla is using the leftover leather from all the upholstery to make iPhone cases.

Yes, for $45, Tesla will let you wrap your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus with leather that was originally supposed to pad your bottom. (Or your back, I guess.) That's actually not a bad deal! Leather cases typically run close to the $50 mark as it is. Toss in another $5, and Tesla will add some credit card slots to the case, too. (The company claims that this version is capable of protecting against RFID readers as well.)

Also, Peruvian scarves made of 100 percent Alpaca fiber

The cases are stamped with Tesla's name and logo, which — despite the all-black look — are not totally subtle. But they're far from the strangest object of brand loyalty sold by the company. There's a Peruvian scarf made from 100 percent Alpaca fiber ("sustainably sourced," in case you were worried), a Tesla golf towel, and leather driving gloves that also work with touchscreens. The crown jewel, though, is also made from leftover leather: this $300 "Aurland" tote bag, named after the location of one of the company's car charging stations in Norway, of course.