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New Banksy piece puts Steve Jobs in a Syrian refugee camp


Anonymous street artist Banksy is bringing awareness to the Syrian refugee crisis. The British artist spray painted an image of Steve Jobs, the child of a Syrian immigrant, on a wall in France’s infamous Calais refugee camp. Banksy painted Jobs standing with an original Mac in one hand and a sack over his shoulder. The caption "the son of a migrant from Syria" accompanies a photograph of the work on Banksy's website.

The idea of using Jobs as a representation of Syrian refugees gained popularity on Twitter with a technology professional tweeting the below in September.

While the sentiment and effort to make people care about the refugee crisis certainly warrants applause, it's also worth noting that Jobs rejected his birth parents as anything more than a biological relationship. He fully identified with his adoptive parents as his "real" ones, as detailed by Macworld.

Steve Jobs’ father Abdul Fattah Jandali moved to the US in the 1950s, following his upbringing in Homs and time at the University of Beirut in Lebanon. He met Jobs’ mother in the US, who later put Jobs up for adoption.