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Google just made taking screenshots way easier in Android Marshmallow

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Google has finally come up with a simpler way of snapping a screenshot of your Android phone — at least if you're lucky enough to be running Marshmallow. As noted by Droid Life, the company has updated Android 6.0's Now on Tap feature with a new icon that will take a screenshot and let you share it instantly. That's far more convenient than clumsily pressing down the button combinations (usually volume down and power) that most Android devices require for screenshots.

The small but clever addition should prove particularly useful for owners of the new Nexus 6P and Google's official case; one of the leading complaints about Google's accessory is that it makes screenshots frustratingly difficult since the sides are a bit loose.

But Android 6.0 is also very slowly making its way to other phones like the Moto X Pure Edition, so eventually there should be a decent number of devices that gain this convenient little option. If you've already got one, just download the latest Google update from the Play Store. Instead of awkwardly shuffling your hand to hold down a pair of buttons, now you'll just be holding down Android's home button. Much better, Google.