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Google's Movies & TV app for iOS adds AirPlay support for easier TV viewing

Google Play Movies & TV has always been kind of a non-player on iPhones and iPads; on Apple's platform, it's just nowhere near as popular as iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and so on. But today Google delivered a major, much needed update to the iOS app that at least makes it a good option if you're invested in Google's digital ecosystem for movies and shows — but use an iPhone everyday. Is that actually true of anyone? No matter. The new version of Play Movies & TV has received a refreshed user interface along with useful (though late) features like streaming videos over cellular connections and streaming that same content in HD.

Most important for iPhone owners, the app has added native support for AirPlay, letting you start a film or TV show, tap the AirPlay icon, and switch to viewing on your Apple TV and a much bigger screen. You still can't buy or rent entertainment directly from the app; Google's unwilling to implement in-app purchases and give Apple its mandatory fee, so only stuff you've purchased or rented from Play on Android or the web shows up here. AirPlay support requires a third-generation Apple TV or newer, so if you've got the new Siri-enabled model, you're good to go.