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Hillary Clinton is going to appear in Broad City's upcoming third season

Yas queen? Sure, why not

Hillary Clinton

Is Hillary Clinton going to become Broad City's highest-profile guest star ever? It sure seems that way: both Clinton and the show's official Twitter account posted photos of the Democratic presidential candidate alongside creators / stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson on set this afternoon. (Clinton's tweet also features executive producer Amy Poehler.) Glazer and Jacobson each have a head on Clinton's shoulder in the picture that includes a camera's framing, the only hint at the role Clinton's going to play. I'd suggest she'll appear in a quasi-dream sequence like the 30 Rock episode in which Liz Lemon hangs out with Oprah on an airplane, but this is a show where Kelly Ripa showed up as herself to get drunk and stoned last season — all bets are off.

Broad City's third season premieres on Comedy Central on February 17th.