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Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival makes $5.7 million in record Kickstarter

Last night, the Kickstarter hoping to bring back cult TV hit Mystery Science Theater 3000 wrapped its campaign, and it was a predictable smash, earning $5.76 million. Combining that with the $425,000 the creators say they've raised through other channels, the total funding for the revival has passed $6 million. The creators have now pledged to shoot 14 new episodes next year, including a holiday special, although it's unclear how the episodes will be distributed.

The project's one more example of how nostalgia pays in crowdfunding campaigns, whether in gaming, film, or in this case, a TV show that's a loving lampooning of B movies. As Recode notes, the campaign appears to now hold the title for most funding ever given to a video project, just edging out the $5.7 million earned by the Veronica Mars movie project.

There will be at least a couple changes from the original, however, as comedians Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt have signed up to work on the project, with several cameos from other actors planned.