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BBC iPlayer finally lands on the Apple TV

BBC iPlayer finally lands on the Apple TV

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One of the biggest absences when the updated Apple TV launched in the UK was the BBC's iPlayer app, available pretty much everywhere else including Roku, Fire TV, and Chromecast devices. In October, the BBC said the app would be arriving in "the coming months," and over the weekend it finally went live. A number of Twitter users posted pictures showing the app in action on the new Apple TV, and this morning the BBC confirmed the launch.

The app includes a full catalog of programs from the last 30 days, live-streaming of all BBC TV channels, and personalized recommendations. "Christmas is a popular time for viewers to come to BBC iPlayer, as they unwrap new devices and browse and discover the BBC’s fantastic Christmas programs," said iPlayer head Dan Taylor-Watt. "With the launch of iPlayer on new Apple TV, I’m delighted we've been able to give people another way of accessing the full breadth and range of BBC programs."

Update December 14th, 4:00AM ET: Updated with confirmation from the BBC.