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The man behind the Fisker Karma is launching a new $300,000 car next month

The man behind the Fisker Karma is launching a new $300,000 car next month

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Henrik Fisker Design

For many, designer and entrepreneur Henrik Fisker is probably best known for the Fisker Karma — a short-lived hybrid sedan whose quality and reliability never lived up to its stunning design. (And for a very specific set of readers, Fisker may specifically be best known for Justin Bieber's blindingly chromed-out Karma.) But Fisker has a long history in the auto industry, including stints at BMW and Aston Martin, and it looks like the Karma's failure (and possible rebirth without Fisker's name or involvement) isn't keeping him away.

Fisker's company has announced that it'll be debuting a new car on January 12th at NAIAS in Detroit called "The Force 1." It's a $300,000 coupe ("just under $300,000," actually, according to the press release) that Fisker promises will have "the world's highest output natural aspirated engine in a road car." There aren't any performance figures in the teaser, but presumably, it won't be a slouch. The company wants to build up to 50 examples in Michigan starting in April of next year.

Karma owners (and observers) might be scared off by the car's notorious reliability issues, but for what it's worth, a plain old gasoline engine is a lot less complicated than the homegrown hybrid system that the Karma had tried to pull off. Still, obviously, there's the matter of coming up with 300 grand.