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Get a glimpse of Sherlock's 'abominable bride' in new teaser for holiday special

Get a glimpse of Sherlock's 'abominable bride' in new teaser for holiday special


The beloved detective's Victorian special premieres worldwide on January 1st

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Sherlock's Victorian-era special The Abominable Bride is set to premiere around the world in just a few weeks. The BBC released another short teaser for the special yesterday, one that offers a first look at the titular ghastly, gowned villain. She's wearing a veil over her face, she's come back from the dead, and she's wielding a mighty shotgun; I'm going to decline an invite to this particular wedding, thanks.

The Abominable Bride mostly serves to tide over Sherlock fans until Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman & co. can put together a fourth season, but it's also giving the show's braintrust a chance to experiment with new ideas and release methods. The special's going to screen in movie theaters on January 1st, the same day it'll premiere on BBC One and PBS Masterpiece; it's the first contemporary Sherlock episode to be released at the same time on either side of the Atlantic. It's also the first release involving Cumberbatch's Sherlock that isn't set during the present day.

Period-piece hats, facial hair, and horse-drawn carriages probably won't make the leap to Sherlock's fourth season, but it's fun to watch creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat branch out. And if you just want to watch Sherlock and Watson solve contemporary mysteries, you're going to have to wait a while: the fourth season won't start filming until after this special airs.

The Abominable Bride hits various screens around the world on January 1st, 2016.