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Giphy Cam now lets you create Star Wars GIFs

Giphy Cam now lets you create Star Wars GIFs

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Don't have enough Star Wars in your life this week? Giphy can now help put a little extra Star Wars all around you. Its Giphy Cam app has been updated with six Star Wars filters ahead of The Force Awakens, which will be sticking around for a "limited time" to promote the movie. The effects can make it look like the Millennium Falcon is soaring past you, like you're swinging a tiny lightsaber, like you're chilling with BB-8, or like you're about to hit light speed. Like most of Giphy Cam's effects, the fun isn't in the quality, it's in how easy the app makes it to quickly churn out GIF after GIF and share them around.

These Star Wars filters are the first added to Giphy Cam in partnership with another company. Though Giphy says that no money is changing hands in this case, it certainly seems like this could be a test run for sponsored content down the road. It's one of the same methods that Snapchat has been using to make money — in both cases, it's hard to complain about ads when you're enjoying what they add to the app.

Correction: Giphy Cam's Star Wars filters are not "sponsored content," as this article initially stated. They were added in partnership with Disney, but they were not paid for.

The Force Awakens is adding another chapter to the Star Wars universe but it's also adding to the history of movie trailers. Here's how The Force Awakens broke the mold: