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Tickets for The Hateful Eight's 70mm roadshow are on sale now

Tickets for The Hateful Eight's 70mm roadshow are on sale now


Can you resist that alluring, glitchy 'glorious Ultra Panavision 70'?

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If you haven't been scared off by all of the difficulties associated with The Hateful Eight's glitchy international 70mm extravaganza, today is your lucky day: tickets for the movie's early analog screenings are on sale now. Quentin Tarantino's latest western epic is playing in "glorious Ultra Panavision 70" in 44 markets and over 100 theaters across North America starting on Christmas Day, the widest 70mm theatrical release in over two decades. After a week of exclusive 70mm screening, the movie will enjoy a wide digital (and 35mm) release on December 31st. If you're dead set on seeing the movie in its intended 70mm but can't make a late December showing, you don't have to worry: it'll continue to play in 70mm after its wide release.

The Hateful Eight's ultra-cinematic rollout has been tumultuous, in large part because of the complicated and expensive technology the film's custom screenings demand. Many theaters had to buy custom equipment to participate in Tarantino's 70mm roadshow, and purchasing all of that equipment doesn't guarantee a given screening's quality. Some theaters are physically incompatible with the movie's unusual aspect ratio; others don't have personnel on hand who are comfortable screening movies in 70mm. All of these complications climaxed in some early critical screenings that ranged from flawed to "near disastrous."

The roadshow's goodies could prove enticing

Even with all of the problems listed above, attending a 70mm roadshow might make sense if you're a Tarantino diehard living near a screening. The Hateful Eight's roadshow includes a longer version of the film than the one being shown in wide release; it'll feature a musical overture and a mid-film intermission; moviegoers will be given a "special souvenir program." The goodies are enticing, and the risk is slight. If you want to open up your wallet, you can do so now.