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Final Fantasy VII's Cloud is coming to Smash Bros. today

Final Fantasy VII's Cloud is coming to Smash Bros. today

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Last month Nintendo surprised Super Smash Bros. fans by announcing that Cloud — the surly hero of Final Fantasy VIIwould be joining its ever-growing cast of fighters. And now we finally know when: Cloud will be available as DLC for the game starting later today.

It'll be $5.99 for the character on Wii U, $5.99 on 3DS, or $6.99 to get the character across both platforms. In addition to Cloud, the DLC update will also include a stage based on Midgar, the grimy metropolis from FF VII. It's also not the only Final Fantasy-themed content coming to the game. Players will also be able to outfit their Mii fighters in a chocobo hat, or an outfit for Geno, a character from the Square Enix-developed SNES game Super Mario RPG. Along with the release of Cloud comes a fantastic new Smash Bros. illustration from Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura, who originally designed the character.

Cloud isn't the first non-Nintendo character to make the roster for a Smash Bros. game, as characters like Mega Man, Sonic, and Solid Snake have all been featured as well. But he might be the most surprising — especially considering that FF VII has never been available on Nintendo hardware.

Then again, the 1997 RPG is seeing somewhat of a resurgence, as developer Square Enix is finally making a much-anticipated remaster of the game, which looks absolutely stunning. We still don't know much about the updated FF VII — including when it will actually be available — but the game will be split into multiple parts when it does launch. The original version has also seen recent re-releases on both mobile and the PlayStation 4.

In the meantime, here's what Cloud looks like fighting Charizard.

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