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Rdio lets users look back at their listening history one last time

Last month Rdio announced it would be shutting down, with Pandora buying "several key assets" from the bankrupt service. Ultimately, it seemed Rdio's sad demise was sealed from the start, but in its five years of existence, the service still managed to win over some loyal fans. Now, with its dying breaths, Rdio has made its users' listening archives available to view before it shuts down forever.

On a truly heart-wrenching farewell page, logged-in users can see the date they joined Rdio, the first song they listened to, and their most-streamed album. Users who aren't logged into the farewell page can see the first song ever streamed on Rdio ("California Gurls" by Katy Perry), the most-played album (Drake's Nothing Was the Same) and the Rdio team's favorite comment (on DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What": Very touching tribute to turning things down for reasons we forget).


Rdio is also giving users the chance to download the metadata from their music collection if they're interested in transferring their playlists, downloads, and favorites to another streaming service. Rdio says it isn't sure how long the export page will remain active.