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Ted Cruz: Hey, I also enjoy Star Wars

Ted Cruz: Hey, I also enjoy Star Wars

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Ted Cruz has often been keen to play up his pop culture bona fides — with controversial results — but he's taken it to a new level with Star Wars this week, tweeting out what appears to be a low-budget fan-made trailer / campaign mash-up while offering tickets to the Force Awakens premiere as a contest prize.

If you're keeping count, the GOP presidential candidate has now publicly provided the people with the following:

William Shatner has called Cruz's comments about Star Trek "silly" — and we now eagerly await Harrison Ford's take. It also must be asked: is this simply political posturing ahead of a disputed Coruscant caucus?

In the meantime, we have a live blog for the senator to read after tonight's debate.

The Force Awakens is adding another chapter to the Star Wars universe but it's also adding to the history of movie trailers. Here's how The Force Awakens broke the mold: