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Google's Now on Tap adds new languages, flight status, and more

Google's Now on Tap is the marquee feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and we've found it to be a really promising idea. Now on Tap analyzes whatever's on your screen when you engage it, and then tries to surface helpful links and shortcuts within seconds. But Google's execution still needs some refinement and polish. To the company's credit, it isn't wasting any time delivering improvements. Last week brought an easier way of taking screenshots, and today Now on Tap is going multilingual. Google has announced that the feature now works in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Korean, with more languages planned to follow soon.

Now on Tap gif

Today's update also adds support for flight status, which should be pretty useful since we're nearing tons of holiday travel. If someone texts you a flight number, you can just press and hold the home button, and Now on Tap will pull up the relevant data without pulling you away from that conversation. There's no need to copy and paste it into a search window. Google's got holiday gifts covered, too; use Now on Tap when you've got an email receipt pulled up, and it'll automatically display tracking data for the package's delivery. And finally, if you're reading a news article and want some different perspective or more details, activating Now on Tap will pull up related articles. It's all pretty small stuff, but at least Google's working quick to iterate — even if most phones are a long way from getting the latest Android update.