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We won't have clothes in the future, just little drones with curtains

When I am old and rich and a disgrace and am continually trying to embarrass visitors to my floating offshore megaranch with the sight of my weak and scabby flesh, I may — may — concede on some days to hide my shame using a drone. It'll be called Bertie, and I'll give it voice controls and a plush red curtain on a rail. That way, whenever I feel my ungrateful children have been disgusted enough by the sight of my mortality (the children are, of course, vain and grasping and only after my money), I'll sigh and call for Bertie, before shuffling off to my dolphinarium behind my floating robot censor.

Something like that, anyway. Whatever happens, I'm sure I'll be less graceful than the nude dancers in this silly video from Japanese fashion retailer Buyma, which decided that the best way to sell clothes was obviously to not show any. The video is well choreographed, at least, though I feel sorry for the poor dancers who had to perform naked in what looks like a massive, chilly warehouse. My megaranch, by comparison, will be kept at roasting temperatures at all time.

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