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Apple Music now works with Sonos speakers

Apple Music now works with Sonos speakers

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Sonos just released an app update for iOS and Android that lets users stream albums, songs, playlists, and Beats 1 radio from Apple Music. The company is making it very clear that Apple Music support is in beta (you can sign up here), though all the key features work just fine. You've got the personalized For You section, plus New, Beats 1, and My Music, where you'll find your existing library and iTunes music purchases.

Still, there's some pretty important stuff that's missing on day one. You can't edit playlists, for example, and search is limited to the first 100 results that come up. But if all you really want is to search Apple's catalog for a certain song, you've got all you need to start listening on any of Sonos' speakers. Just note that Android users will need version 5.0 or above of the OS, but the company says it's working to expand support to include older Android updates.

Here's the stuff that's not there yet:

  • Ability to enable Apple Music service on an Android running less than 5.0.
  • Search is limited to the first 100 results and only pulls from Apple Music catalog — not your "My Music" section
  • Ability to listen to Beats 1 Radio shows on demand.
  • Adding songs, playlists or albums to your library is not yet supported.
  • Ability to edit playlists.
  • Sorting within My Music is alphabetical and may look different than your Library on the Apple Music app.
  • Newly added content within My Music may take up to 24 hrs to show up within the Sonos app.

Smart playlists, music videos, and content posted to Apple Music's Connect section aren't available through Sonos, which shouldn't really come as a surprise. That leaves users at least a couple reasons to open the Apple Music app and seeing all that's new. It sounds like Sonos will work quickly to improve Apple Music on its platform, and the company is encouraging beta participants to submit feedback on what they'd like to see.