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Bayonetta joins Super Smash Bros. as the final downloadable character

Just over one year after the new Smash Bros. debuted on Wii U and 3DS, Nintendo has announced its last downloadable character: Bayonetta, the titular character from Platinum Games' action game. Bayonetta will have both her original and Bayonetta 2 costumes, in addition to a special red-hued "Jeanne" color variant. The downloadable player, which is scheduled for release in February, will also include a thematic Umbra Clock Tower stage based on the series.

Bayonetta is the seventh and reportedly final Smash Bros. character. It's also the third downloadable combatant from non-Nintendo properties; previously-announced characters include Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII (coming later today) and Ryu from Street Fighter. The pack will cost $5.99 for either Wii U or Nintendo 3DS separately, or $6.99 to get both.