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Jeb Bush on the Apple Watch: 'It's not as intuitive as other Apple products'

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In case you were holding off on buying the Apple Watch to see what Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush thought of it, you're in luck. Bush sat down with Business Insider after a town hall meeting in Milford, New Hampshire last week to get his thoughts on all things tech-related. As for the Apple Watch, Bush is an owner of necessity: "Until somebody comes with something better, I'll probably keep buying it."

"It requires a lot more work than it needs to. It's not as intuitive as other Apple products," he says. "The battery gets out too quick. I don't have time to learn all the applications. But it's cool." Bush thinks Apple will end up improving the device with a second and third generation product, which will "make it easier for guys like me to use it," he adds.

"It requires a lot more work than it needs to."

Apple's foray into wearables has been met with mixed results. The device was well received for its design and build quality, but its high price and lack of standout software has kept it from dominating the market. Research firm IDC put Apple Watch sales at around 3.6 million units in its first quarter available. For comparison, Fitbit sold 4.5 million devices in its first quarter since going public in June.

Apple has yet to confirm sales figures for its smartwatch, but Best Buy last week slashed $100 off some Apple Watch models, indicating Apple may be interested in boosting sales in time for the holidays. Meanwhile, rumors have started up that Apple may introduce the Apple Watch 2 alongside a 4-inch iPhone at a March product reveal next year.