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Happy Holidays from America’s most powerful families

The holidays are a time for thoughtful reflection — for human beings and massive corporations alike. What did we do well this year? What did we learn about ourselves and the people around us? What are our wishes and dreams for the year to come?

Of course, those questions are even more pressing if you're locked in a life-or-death struggle for mobile ecosystem share, or trying to bring mobile live streaming to the world's teens. So in the spirit of the season, we're bringing you five letters full of year-end reflection from our biggest newsmakers this year. Of course, it wasn't all good news… but that doesn't mean you can't put a good face on it.

Illustrations by T.C. Sottek

  1. Microsoft letter cropped

    Happy Holidays from Microsoft

    We saved the Xbox! And the Windows Phone! But just wait 'til you see this hinge.

  2. Apple header 900x400

    Happy Holidays from Apple

    A bigger iPad! A cooler phone! The crushing weight of expectations facing the world's largest corporation!

  3. Google header trimmed

    Happy Holidays from Google

    This was the year we put away childish things and became Alphabet. Plus we made a car.

  4. facebook header 900

    Happy Holidays from Facebook

    This year, we continued to dominate all human interaction. Also, Mark and Priscilla have a new plan to save humanity.

  5. Happy Holidays from Twitter

    Jack came home. Things are also getting weird, but they were pretty weird before too.