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Sony adds Chromecast support for its PlayStation Vue TV streaming service

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But for iOS devices only

Sony's PlayStation Vue TV streaming service has always been a bit of an odd sell. The subscription service lets users pick between different TV packages (the basic $50 a month plan including channels like CNN, Fox, and NBC) and acts as DVR for favorite shows, but it originally launched on the PS3 and PS4 only. Since then, Sony has been working on making the service more widely available, adding support for the Amazon Fire TV, iPhone, and iPad, and now, Google's Chromecast as well. However, in somewhat typical fashion, the service will only work with iOS devices, as it's not yet available on Android. Still, if you're subscribed to Vue and are looking for a cheap way to see your favorite shows on another TV, buying a Chromecast and connecting it up might be a good way to go.