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You can now log in with your face using Tobii devices and Windows Hello


Microsoft's Windows Hello is a smart feature, letting Windows 10 users sign into their machines with just their face But it's only available on the newest devices with special depth-sensing cameras or, if you buy Intel's RealSense developer kit. Now, to expand Windows Hello's availability, eye-tracking company Tobii is introducing support for the software on its stand-alone cameras, including the €119 ($129) EyeX controller and €249.99 ($271) Steel Series Sentry Gaming Eye Tracker.

"With Windows Hello, a person never needs to remember their password to login."

"Technology has a fundamental duty to understand humans better and improve their daily lives. With Windows Hello, a person never needs to remember their password to login," said Tobii's president Oscar Werner in a press release. "Microsoft’s interest to make Windows Hello work with Tobii eye-tracking devices is a testament to the value, both now and in the future, of our joint ability to enhance the Windows experience for consumers."

Perhaps more importantly, Tobii isn't just supporting Windows Hello for its peripherals, but also its enterprise products. Windows Hello will work with the company's recently-announced IS4 software and the Tobii EyeChip — an eye-tracking system-on-chip mean to appeal to OEMs. Hopefully this means we'll be saying hi to Windows Hello on more PCs and laptops in the future.