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Searching for Super Mario Maker levels is about to get a lot easier

Searching for Super Mario Maker levels is about to get a lot easier


A new web portal launches next week

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One of the most annoying parts of Super Mario Maker — the Wii U game where players can craft their own 2D Mario adventure — is finding new user-made levels to enjoy. But things are about to get better very soon: next week Nintendo is introducing a new web portal that lets you find levels from your computer or phone.

Called Super Mario Maker Bookmark, the tool lets you dig through the many, many created levels using a variety of criteria, including difficulty and course theme. You can also just browse through the most popular, or a random list of recommended stages. What makes the tool really useful, though, is that you can queue up any interesting levels you find and then play them when you're back in front of your console. In order to use the feature you'll need to sign in with your Nintendo Network ID, but aside from that the process seems pretty painless.

The new tool is part of an update for the game that goes live on December 21st. The update will also introduce a few new items to use in your creations, including a bouncy donut, a new type of warp door, and a dangerous-sounding "Fire Koopa Clown Car." It's no 8-bit Mercedes-Benz, but it sounds cool.

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