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Facebook Messenger now lets you customize colors and emoji for every chat

Facebook Messenger now lets you customize colors and emoji for every chat


Photo Magic sharing is now rolling out to all users

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Facebook's trying to squeeze some useful new features into Messenger before 2015 comes to a close. Today the company announced that Photo Magic, which uses facial recognition to simplify the process of sharing photos with your friends, is rolling out widely to users everywhere. Give the app permission to access your photos, and it'll automatically offer to send the picture to any Facebook friends identified as being in the shot.

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It's a big help if you're someone who constantly forgets to send photos around after a party, family event, or night out — and Facebook says there's no time more popular for picture sharing than the holidays. Instead of making you thumb through your phone's camera roll, Facebook is now handling the grunt work, recognizing which of your friends are in the frame and letting you share those pictures with a single tap. Photo Magic can be turned off if you get tired of the sharing recommendations or just don't want Facebook analyzing your pictures.

Messenger is also getting more customizable today. You can now choose different colors for the text bubbles in each conversation, give people nicknames, or choose a different set of emoji that'll override the default collection. Everyone in a conversation sees these changes, whether it's a one-on-one conversation or huge group chat. And it wouldn't be Facebook Messenger without some winter tricks thrown in. On Android, users will again see snowflakes falling for any chat heads that are open on screen, and Facebook will also make it snow right in the conversation window whenever you send someone a "Santa, Christmas tree, or snow-related" emoji or sticker.

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