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Evernote is killing its Pebble app and all versions of Skitch except for Mac

'Our goal is very straightforward: make Evernote better than ever.'

Evernote's doing some thinning of its software offerings today. The company has announced that early next year, it'll be discontinuing Evernote for Pebble, every version of Skitch except for the OS X app, and its Clearly web extension. "Today, you can find the most popular features from these two apps in many versions of Evernote and Web Clipper," wrote Jack Hirsch, VP of Evernote's desktop apps, in a blog post. "We realize fans of Clearly and Skitch may be disappointed and we don’t take these decisions lightly. We’ve learned a lot from your feedback and are using it to improve Evernote every day."

Updates for these apps have ceased as of today, and as of January 22nd, you'll no longer be able to download any of them from Evernote. The company notes that they won't necessarily stop working; you're free to keep using them if you'd like, but all official support is being cut off. Skitch for OS X is not being discontinued and will continue to see active development and support, suggesting that it's the most popular version of the annotation software. For everyone else, much of Skitch's functionality can already be found in the primary Evernote app.

If you liked the "article simplification" feature of Clearly, that's now part of Web Clipper. And for everyone who actually had a use for an Evernote app on Pebble's smartwatch, the company is steering those users towards another app called Powernoter. "We’ve got big plans for 2016 and beyond, and our goal is very straightforward: make Evernote better than ever," said Hirsch. This is the company's latest attempt to better concentrate its focus and follows layoffs and a very random CEO change earlier this year.