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Play the mobile puzzle game Threes for free in your browser

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Goodbye productivity

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Threes, one of the best-looking and deceptively difficult puzzle games on mobile, is now available as a free web game starting today. Co-creator Asher Vollmer worked with designer and developer Sven Bergström to bring Threes to the browser, and the version is nothing short of excellent. Compared with mobile, playing Threes with a keyboard is an accelerated experience and even more addictive as a result.

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread with Vollmer and Threes co-creator Greg Wohlwend, the duo discussed coming around to the free-to-play model starting first on mobile. Threes rose in popularity last year only to find itself cloned vigorously by developers around the globe due in part to its original $2.99 price tag. First there was 1024, which ripped off Threes' math-based puzzle grid. Then eventually came a 1024 clone 2048, which itself was shamelessly ported into a mobile version by game studio Ketchapp.

Threes' creators came around to a free-to-play model

Vollmer and Wohlwend have discussed the issue of cloning at length in the past. But Vollmer elaborated on Reddit that their decision to create a limited free-to-play version of Threes for mobile has been a good experience. "We're definitely happy we made a free option for people to try, I feel it has been financially worth it and has really increased our audience," he wrote. "Now I even see Threes on the train sometimes!" Now there's a good chance Vollmer may run into quite a few more people playing Threes in the workplace as well.

And for diehard Threes fans, Vollmer and crew are also selling a plush toy on Amazon for $29.99. The only downside: you can't get your hands on it until December 31st.