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Vine will now curate a channel of posts it thinks you'll want to see

Vine will now curate a channel of posts it thinks you'll want to see

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It can be a pain for new users to find stuff on Twitter, so the company spent a big part of its year trying to show users things from people they don't already follow. Now Vine, which is owned by Twitter, is trying to solve the same problem with a personalized channel called "For You." Vine's new feed will be filled with what it considers must-see posts from across the platform, filled in based on each user's interests. For You should help users get to know more about what's on Vine, similar to how Twitter's Moments, a curated tab of collected tweets, helps users understand what's going on in the world (or at least the world of Twitter).

"Our home feeds on Vine are filled with posts from the accounts we follow across comedy, music, sports and more. The world of entertainment on Vine extends far beyond our home feeds," Twitter engineer Luis Tandalla wrote in a blog post. "There’s a ton of great content created by accounts you may not follow, and we’re bringing those posts to you." The link to the new channel will show up at the top of the Vine app starting today. The feature is limited to iOS at the moment, but Twitter says the "For You" channel should make its way to Android soon.